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Tantric Philosophies that govern my work are:

  • You are not who you think you are.  You are the presence within.

  • The “story” of who you are can distract you from the truth of who You are in the present moment.  Your True Self is not bound by cultural norms and conditioning.

  • Everything is consciousness.  Nothing is inherently good/bad or right/wrong. 


I employ these Tantric Principles:

  • I am not just my body; I am everything, and I can move energy into my body for support.
  • There is a chakra system which can be unblocked and activated so energy can flow freely to make one more fully-expressed. (See more on Chakras in Resources)

  • There are patterns of consciousness.  I can activate a pattern of consciousness like Wildheart that is preferable to  the pattern of consciousness of addiction.

Inner Child Work

We all have a story; that’s what makes us human. With the awareness that there is really only this present moment, we can comb through our childhood/teen years and get glimpses into limiting beliefs that we assumed to be true. Over time, the neuronal pathways of these limiting beliefs become concrete freeways. However, with curiosity, commitment and the help of neuroscience, we can change our minds.  I find it helpful to work with archetypes or empowering identities to promote an inner landscape of love, acceptance and safety.

Intuitive Nutrition

Susan’s background in intuitive nutrition can support you in discovering what you need to feel nurtured and nourished so that your mind, body and soul feels primed to lean into your ideal life. 


Journey Work

The suffering from addiction is fundamentally due to cognitive dissonance.  The unconscious mind and the conscious mind are at odds.  The unconscious desire from a limiting belief is much stronger than the conscious desire.  For example, despite Jane’s desire to stop drinking because it’s ruining her health and her family is upset, she will continue to drink to numb the pain. She may not even know what that gnawing feeling is that has her reach for the wine at every night.  She doesn’t remember or make the association that when she got laughed at in school, she concluded that she was not good enough. That belief, while untrue as there is no such thing as “good enough”, is behind every decision she makes. Fifteen years later, she is miserable in the life she created from “I’m not good enough”; so she drinks to numb the pain from where she doesn’t know. 


So how do we access the unconscious mind?  Journey work helps to access the unfamiliar, non-ordinary reality. It helps one engage with the huge part of the mental capacity that is unconcious. Once that terrain becomes known, one can navigate it.  Life experiences that happened and the story around it become less static.  One can look and reason from this more malleable perspective and heal. 

Integration Work

Integration is an essential part of journeys if one wants her experience of seeing and healing to translate into their lives. Otherwise, one would have an experience that would feel isolated and a result of taking a “drug”. These experiences are truths wanting to be expressed and incorporated into one’s mind and life. This process is less about achieving abstinence and more about the integration of the Wildheart, one chakra at a time.  It takes will and dedication, but it’s powerful work that helps uncover your True Self. 

The “conversion experience”, the final transitional moment when you end the addictive behavior once and for all, comes as a result of maturing from your wound to your underlying essence, your Wildheart. There are sudden and gradual ways to arrive here.

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