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"It has been my pleasure to know Susan Goodridge for more than twenty-five years, and I have greatly benefited from her knowledge and intuitive understanding of human health.   At first it was in the realm of nutrition.  Later, as the years went by, I began to see her insight into the concept of the whole person, and how an individual can maintain both a healthy body and a healthy outlook.  


I have witnessed Susan’s journey back to mental, emotional and physical well-being over the last seven years.  Her perspective based on principles of oneness and neuroscience caused me to pause and investigate for myself on many occasions.  Susan has taken it upon herself to investigate the enormous threat of addiction to individual and family well-being, and what we as individuals can do to address it.  She has demonstrated that most all people can – with proper support --  regain charge of their lives and accept their responsibilities with a wholly new appreciation of our common humanity.  All of us need and respond to the twin requirements of life: Love and understanding.  And Susan exhibits this with her whole being." 

-- John A. 


"Susan is caring and compassionate.  Her considerable well-rounded experience prompts seeing the positive and spiritual in any situation. Her genuine, fun-loving spirit supports and guides by asking just the right questions.  I feel seen, heard and accepted by her practical and mature perspective.  Her full presence holds space in a unique and inspiring way."

-- Bryan W



"Susan is such an encouraging woman to be around. The way she moves triggers through her body and solves problems organically and without drama is remarkable to me. She's ALWAYS available to listen and ask the right questions.  Susan is such a shining light. I consider myself lucky to have her in my life."

-- Isabel C

"Under Susan’s guidance, people are given access to come closer to a sense of themselves that’s more expansive and capable because they are not so locked up in limited thinking.  She holds space in an alchemical partnership which enables the capacity of illuminating and examining both the seen and unseen world as it relates to one’s ability to have a different experience of his/her self.  She guides people in pulling things apart in the weave of Indra’s Net in order to understand what went on in moments of experienced suffering and trauma that created patterns in Life that obscure the 100% presence of Self."

-- J H.


"Susan started supporting my teenage daughter over a year ago. Her curiosity, kindness and strategies have helped to relieve stress and tension in our family. Her ability to hold space without judgment allows our daughter feel safe and empowered to share whatever is present.  Simply with this presence and acceptance, healing occurs.” 

-- A.W.


"No person have I known as honest and unapologetic as Susan Goodridge.  Fully committed to healing, she relentlessly probes for answers to questions without a script, map, or reference guide, softly unfolding into the next expression of her being.  Playful, deep, tender, and raw, Susan strives to emanate Source like no other.  I have benefitted greatly from her wisdom."

-- Cynthia H.

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