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Susan Goodridge


Susan’s Wildheart danced with the shadows of her lost self, while her essence lay dormant in a winter that lasted for 40 years. She journeyed back to her True Self using the principles of Tantra, journeywork and the felt sense. By exploring her inner landscape with presence, love and acceptance, she met parts of herself that had unmet needs. Susan learned that the gifts of her soul were contained in the darkness and suffering and were simply longing to be integrated into her Self.  Her path was illuminated by her personal experience with growing up in Europe, extensive travel, trauma, eating disorders, addiction, miscarriage, divorce, routine of “Mom” sabbatical and maturing out of addiction.


Susan is a Certified Nutritionist, Addiction Recovery and Psycho-spiritual Integration Coach.  Her business, Wildheart Integration, is both online and in Boulder, CO.  She uses energy work, body-mind mapping and inner child work to facilitate the exploration of limiting beliefs that keep us stuck in our story.  Her playful nature helps her clients stay objective and curious.  She would be honored to join you in your experience of addiction as a path to awakening.

You can contact Susan at 808.353.1151.

  • Certified Nutritionist

  • Addiction Recovery

  • Psychospiritual Integration Coach

  • Trauma-informed Distinction

“The work is shifting from the experience of suffering to the adventure of uncovering the True Self.”

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