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Why Wildheart Integration?

Synchronicity is an undeniable reminder that we are creating our experiences.  When we are empowered and in alignment with our purpose, the Universe responds with the right next steps in the most enchanting way.  


While playing with names for the recovery services I offer, I was reminded of a powerful archetype I invoked early on in my journey as I studied classical and neo-Tantra.  Since a key part of my journey was to feel safe to reconnect with my body, I was drawn to Dakini energy.  Dakini, sometimes referred at "sky dancer or sky walker,” is a tantric goddess best described as the embodiment of playful feminine wisdom. She guides one through a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual journey to reconnect with one’s true essence, true self. 


As I deeply resonated with Dakini, I did not feel the religious overtones. The name Wildheart kept coming to mind.  With a simple online search, I found that Wildheart is the name of Miguel’s album from 2015, and then he released the single Sky Walker in 2017. I love this song and the Dakini energy in it! So Wildheart Integration was born andI am so delighted to share with you!

Miguel Wildheart

“Wildheart is about knowing who you are, what you stand for, what you believe in and what you’re willing to sacrifice and living it.” 


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