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Addiction as a path to Awakening

At Wildheart Integration, we look at addiction as simply what is happening. It’s not derailing you from what you think your life should be; it is your Life.  When you stop your addiction story, you are free to see what is true in the present moment without bringing the pain of the past and the fear of the future into the Now.  


Wildheart Integration meets you where you are with presence, acceptance and loving compassion. Using the "felt sense", body-mind mapping and inner child work, I guide you on your  path of maturing out of the addiction experience. Along the way, we meet neglected or suppressed aspects of self, dialogue with them, learn what they need and meet their needs. We use visualization and the power of mirror neurons to give the nervous systems a chance to get use to and comfortable with a more desirable reality versus the one created by survival patterns. These tools allow you to thrive rather than simply survive.  

Addiction Recovery  •  Psychospiritual Integration  •  Intuitive Nutrition


Susan  is a Certified Nutritionist, Addiction Recovery and Psycho-spiritual Integration Coach. Through Wildheart Integration, she supports clients both online and in Boulder, CO.    Her playful nature helps her clients stay objective and curious.  

Why Wildheart?

Synchronicity is an undeniable reminder that we are creating our experiences. 


When we are empowered and in alignment with our purpose, the Universe responds with the right next steps in the most enchanting way. 



Susan uses energy work, body-mind mapping and inner child work to facilitate the exploration of limiting beliefs that keep us stuck in our story.

  • Trauma

  • Mood Disorders

  • Low Self Esteem/Body Issues

  • Journey Prep & Integration

Susan Goodridge, CN
Boulder, Colorado



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